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About Taylorwood

MISSION STATEMENT:  To provide transparent and conflict-free real estate services to public sector organizations and multi-market occupiers that are seeking to optimize their real estate footprint and reduce operating expenses.

GEOGRAPHIC COVERAGE:  Licensed to operate as a brokerage throughout Ontario.  The principal has completed transaction and advisory assignments in most markets across the province. Can also provide corporate and advisory services throughout Canada for multi-market portfolios.

Your Real Estate Advocate

Let me help you balance the scales in negotiations.

By nature most negotiations start with each party trying to create a position of leverage. My approach to all negotiations is predicated on early preparation and fully understanding client needs.

In my municipal real estate practice I often hear the words “we don’t use real estate advisors, we handle negotiations on our own”, and, “it’s not in our budget, we don’t have the money to pay you”.


The former comment is actually a gauge on the real estate industry; the latter comment can be changed over time if the former is improved.  What do I mean by that?

Although there are many smart real estate professionals, our major shortcoming is that we do a poor job in identifying a value proposition.  Let me show you how I can demonstrate cost savings, value add and cost avoidance as your advisor.  You can then plan and budget for real estate service costs.  


Portfolio Management

Let me help you optimize your portfolio

Lease Administration

Let me help prepare for the lifecycle of your lease

Real Estate Financing

Let me help you navigate financing complexities

Real Estate Playbooks

Let me help you create process maps / playbooks

Tenant Advisory/Brokerage

Let me prepare your real estate options analysis

Dispositions / Acquisitions

Let me help execute your transactions

Market Analysis

Let me provide you with market information

Corporate Services

Let me help you with your multi-market portfolio


I welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.


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