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Similar in approach as depicted in the Tenant Advisory and Brokerage section of my service offering, all real estate transactions should emanate from a thorough organizational business plan.

With respect to the disposition of surplus assets, my approach takes into consideration public sector best practices.  An open, fair and transparent disposition process will ensure the mitigation (and possibly the elimination) of any conflict of interest.  As it pertains to the public sector, conflict of interest comes in many forms: actual, perceived and potential.  A documented disposition process that can withstand a third party audit is what I aim to accomplish.

The acquisition of real estate presents an equally challenging situation in the public sector.  There are instances where a public sector entity may be “pressured” into purchasing private sector assets.  Additionally there have been instances where the disclosure of the purchasing entity results in the inflation of the asking price for a private sector asset.  There are several mitigating strategies to ensure the public sector purchasing entity does not fall into an acquisition trap.  By way of example, it is not uncommon for municipalities to use a nominee as an acquisition vehicle, thereby shielding the identity of the beneficial purchaser until closing.

My experience in public sector dispositions/acquisitions will benefit your organization.

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