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A prudent occupier of real estate should view their premises in the form of a Real Estate Life-cycle.



One of the most forgotten components of the real estate lifecycle is the administration of the lease (document).  The lease document is rich in information and data points that can assist a proactive occupier of real estate.  Amongst the many data points contained in a lease critical dates may be the most important.  Think about what happens if you miss your option renewal date.

My Lease Administration services provides support to assimilate lease documentation and accounting information into systems tailored to your business model.  Once initiated, we can present a picture of your real estate position and take on tasks associated with managing your real estate portfolio (multiple lease locations). Services include:


¤ Database Management        ¤ Estoppel Analysis         ¤ Lease Expiration Reports  
¤ Lease Abstraction                 ¤ Custom Reporting        ¤ Owned Property Reports
¤ Critical Date Tracking           ¤ Cost Control                 ¤ Obligation Reports          
¤ Invoice Analysis                    ¤ Document Storage       ¤ Desktop/Lease Audits  
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