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What allows a quarterback on a football team to call a play and have everyone (hopefully) on the team know where the ball is going?

What allows a factory floor to produce a widget at the end of the assembly line with a very low reject rate?

You can train everyone in a process to do their individual jobs, but how much more effective can they be if they knew the roles and responsibilities of every team member.  This is how a process map, or a playbook approach, can create consistent output from a team.

A playbook serves many useful purposes:

• Training manual

• Process map

• Standard operating procedures

• Roles and responsibilities

• Audit trail

• Root cause analysis

If you have a need to replicate real estate activities across departments and/or across geographies, then a playbook would serve you well.  Let me help you create a playbook approach to service delivery.  Introductory samples available upon request.

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