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Any thoughtful real estate plan should originate from a thorough organizational business plan.  If you don’t have a vision and a plan for your overall business, executing a real estate transaction in isolation is a recipe for disaster.

After the development of an overall organizational plan and a thorough understanding of your business objectives I can provide you with Real Estate Options Analysis (“REOA”).  The REOA can assist you with running scenarios in order to map out the impact of potential real estate decisions.  This is the precursor to executing an effective transaction.

In many cases clients engage their advisor/broker to transact without the knowledge of how that decision was made.  Many of those organizations are actually methodical in their approach to arrive at the real estate decision, and the transaction goes off without a hitch.  In some other instances the transaction stalls after engaging the advisor/broker due to incomplete information that resulted in the decision to transact. 

Once armed with the optimal real estate solution, I can then run a comprehensive process to handle your brokerage requirements. I handle negotiations with your current or future landlord to ensure you receive the optimal financial and contractual terms possible, every time.

Lesson learned – Plan, Align, Transact

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