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Secure and Develop a Service Delivery Model for all Sales and Acquisitions on behalf of Infrastructure Ontario 

This mandate was secured by me and the response team based in part on the success of other programs that I lead on the Infrastructure Ontario account. The transaction model developed for Infrastructure Ontario was very comprehensive and included a dedicated team of relationship managers to ensure quality and consistency of service delivery. The backbone of the service delivery included performance management tools, reporting and budgeting.  The dedicated team of professionals were complimented by the overall network of professionals and subject matter experts within the brokerage I was previously employed.

Our Success:

• Created a workflow process diagram, effectively a playbook approach to service delivery

• Increased consistency and quality of output

• Leveraged overall client relationship and knowledge of the portfolio to maximize one-off transactions

• Increased workflow efficiency and collaboration between all the client departments

• Managed handoffs efficiently when on-boarding and off-boarding assets within the portfolio

• Assisted with strategic review of 2-5 year sales program prior to submission for an Order in Council

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