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Created a temporary revenue stream for Ontario Heritage Trust “(OHT”) at the location of the first purpose-built parliament buildings in the province.

OHT is the province’s heritage agency under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. A particular site located on Front Street is an internationally significant and registered archaeological site that holds the buried remains of the York Parliament and with it the connection to the early history of Ontario.  In 2012 OHT opened an interpretive centre at the property to commemorate the site of Ontario’s first parliament buildings and the bicentennial of the War of 1812. A commercial building existed on the property, operating as a car dealership, prior to OHT taking control of the site. OHT did not need the entire building for its heritage project. With a significant portion of the building and property was underutilized with no income being generated, our assignment was to create a revenue stream for OHT as it operated the interpretive centre for public benefit.

Strategy and Outcome

The property and building were very unique, built to operate as a car dealership, showroom and service centre. The interpretive centre was appropriately utilizing the showroom and administrative areas of the previous car dealership.  The challenge was to find a user that could utilize the fixtures and parking area at the rear of the property with little investment by OHT, effectively a car dealership with no showroom or administrative area. The strategy was to solicit interest from car dealerships along the Don Valley Parkway that required service/mechanical bays closer to downtown Toronto. I was able to secure a brand name car dealership to the property and create a strong revenue stream for OHT.

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