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This section of my website is dedicated to problems/situations that I have encountered over my 28 year career in the commercial real estate industry. 

I will be posting on a periodic basis a case study for everyone to apply their knowledge and provide some personal opinions on a topic. Look at it as a form of “crowdsourcing” that can perhaps get everyone thinking again about some of the basics in our business that are likely assigned to other folks within your organization.

Once the conversation winds down, I will post a summary of the consensus sentiments at the end of each discussion. Maybe even post survey results to see which side of an argument you fall under.

Some basic ground rules for posters:

  • you must register in order to contribute your thoughts
  • use a nickname for your post identity
  • don’t attack a poster, only their ideas, good old fashioned respectful debates are welcome
  • if my case study is missing any key information that will help along the debate, make an assumption, however before that ask me if I can provide the missing information
  • let’s have some fun, better than working on a sudoku puzzle on a Sunday afternoon
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